[NBLUG/talk] book library donation

Michael Long mlong at mikesoffice.org
Sun Apr 3 15:57:28 PDT 2016

does nblug have a book library? I'm moving and it's about time I finally 
start getting rid of some books. It's just dead weight.

  I don't know if the attached picture will make it. If anyone wants 
them let me know.

Mostly network cisco books, perl, mysql, c++ etc. (ignore the running 
books I'm seeing those :) )

Michael Long
NTT Communications Global IP Network
ph. 214.915.1352
jabber: mlong at jabber.gin.ntt.net

![](cid:0ECABAF0-099F-49F5-BB41-0F063A7655D5 at mikesoffice.org 
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