Difficulty: Basics

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If you have a general understanding of computers, these talks should be easy to comprehend, yet still be interesting.

General Meeting: Practice Penetration Testing on Your Home Router

2011/12/13 7:30 pm
2011/12/13 9:00 pm

While it is fun to learn how to hack, sometimes it's tough to practice your skills without breaking any laws. It turns out if you have any consumer devices on your local network, you already have everything you need to practice penetration testing. In this talk I will discuss my experience with the Dlink DIR-685 Wireless N router and how with just a few basic skills I was able to find multiple exploits, including one that gave me root, all through the web interface. As I describe the attacks I'll demonstrate the exploits with a live demo.

O'Reilly Media

Kyle Rankin

General Meeting: Linux in Your Pocket (or are you just happy to see me?)

2009/12/08 7:30 pm
2009/12/08 9:00 pm

Linux is everywhere these days, including in devices many non-Linux users carry around with them every day: smartphones. In this talk Kyle and Aaron will discuss two Linux smartphone platforms: Android and Maemo5 and talk specifically about the G1 and Nokia N900 devices.

O'Reilly Media

Kyle Rankin and Aaron Grattafiori

General Meeting: Linux Troubleshooting

2009/09/08 7:30 pm
2009/09/08 9:00 pm

When your Linux system has problems, there are a number of ways to track down and solve them. In this talk I will discuss my overall philosophy for troubleshooting and then follow up with more specific examples of how to diagnose common problems on Linux systems. This talk will be more server-focused but most things should apply to desktops as well.

O'Reilly Media

Kyle Rankin

General Meeting: Media Center PCs

2009/07/14 7:30 pm
2009/07/14 9:00 pm

It seems like just about everyone is coming out with a PC that you can connect to your TV and play videos from. Of course, we all know just how many of those are running Linux under the hood. Why buy one of those when you can build your own? In this talk Kyle Rankin and Allan Cecil are going to discuss two fully-featured programs you can install on a regular Linux system to turn it into a media PC: Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and Boxee.

Kyle Rankin and Allan Cecil

General Meeting -- Virtualization Panel

2007/12/11 7:30 pm
2007/12/11 9:00 pm

Curious about virtualization? In this talk a panel of NBLUG members will highlight a number of different virtualization technologies including but not limited to VMware, OpenVZ, Solaris zones, and more!

O'Reilly Media, Sebastopol


General Meeting - RFID: What it is and who's using it for what.

2006/12/12 7:30 pm
2006/12/12 9:00 pm

RFID: What it is and who's using it for what.

Radio Requency Identification tags are used by Walmart and the Department of
Defense to track supplies. RFID tags are also used by hospitals, prisons
and schools to track people. Libraries use them to track books and soon,
they'll be in passports and maybe even on our drivers licenses. Come learn
how the technology works and who's got big plans for RFID in our big brother

Lori Ayre

Choosing and Tuning Linux File Systems

2006/10/10 7:30 pm
2006/10/10 8:30 pm

Selecting the right Linux file system for your needs is a difficult and treacherous business. Every file system claims to be the best-performing and most robust -- how is a non-expert to cut through the hype? Next comes tuning your file system, requiring knowledge even more arcane.

In this talk, Val will describe the strengths and weaknesses of various file systems, discuss which workloads work best with which file system, and learn some basic concepts of file system design which help to evaluate tradeoffs. We will cover ext2, ext3, reiserfs, XFS, NFS, and others. This talk is your one-stop shop for picking the right file system for your needs, and tuning it for maximum effect.

O'Reilly Media, Sebastopol, CA

Val Henson

General Meeting - DVD Authoring with Linux

2006/02/07 7:30 pm
2006/02/07 9:00 pm

Kyle will demonstrate how to create your own DVD with menus from a sample video all with Open Source software. No XML editing required!

O'Reilly in Sebastopol

Kyle Rankin

General Meeting - Linux Distribution Round Table

2005/12/13 7:30 pm
2005/12/13 9:00 pm

Speakers TBD, but the presentation will be a round table discussion of some of the current popular Linux distributions.

If you're interested in talking about your favorite distribution for a few minutes, please contact speakers@nblug.org.




Knoppix is a complete Linux distribution that runs directly from a bootable "live CD" allowing you to run Linux on any PC you happen to be in front of.

Kyle has recently finished a book for O'Reilly, Knoppix Hacks, and his talk will provide an introduction for people who are new to the Knoppix live CD distribution, as well as talk a bit about the features in the new Knoppix installer, and how to use Knoppix to repair other Linux systems.

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