Install fest! (was: New topic: Install Fest and Y2K)

Hes Nikke hesnikke at
Wed Dec 29 23:45:59 PST 1999

Devin Carraway wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 05:03:18PM -0800, Eric Eisenhart wrote:
> > This hasn't been decided on, but it's looking more likely to be in
> > February (possibly the weekend after the Feb meeting)...  We'll try and have
> > it all planned well enough by the January meeting to announce it then.
>         Are we holding installfests at a rate consistent with demand for
> them?

i wanna goto an install fest!

the only problem is that i probably won't be able to, i'll be working :(
(its usually on Saturdays right?)

the only reason i wanna go is to get 1 on 1 help setting up ip masq, the
online docs are to deep, i just want someone who knows what they are
doing to do it for me, or talk me through it ;0

i also wanna make my Linux, have the latest apache, sendmail, majordomo,
and a hotline server, i want all other functions off!

do you think anyone could be able to do that at an install fest? if i
get the date far enough ahead of time, i could request time off...

/me looks at his server currently running MacOS, a server that
<i>has</i> MkLinux already installed...

(am i allowed to use irc AND html in the same line?)

all spealing errors are to be ignored :P

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