Hi, Jan. NBLUG Meeting?

Jeff Miller jmiller at batnet.com
Wed Dec 29 18:48:30 PST 1999


I wanted to confirm that your January meeting will be held
at the usual time (7:30pm?) and place (O'Reilly in Sebastopol), 
because I'm thinking of coming up from San Francisco to check 
out the local tech community and pick up some contacts.  I've
been to a SVLUG meeting (huge!) and was wondering what the
membership of the North Bay group was like in terms of size
and interests.

I've been playing around with Linux since 0.98, and since 
my girlfriend has friends and contacts around Sonoma County, 
I'm curious to know if there are local opportunities to work 
with open source software.

Looking forward to saying hi in person,

Jeff Miller
jmiller at batnet.com

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