DSL help plz. (Terminate this)

ME dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu
Wed Dec 29 17:16:43 PST 1999

Hello list members,

I bear no ill will towards Rick on this topic, and wish him well. Why
don't we just move on, and stop this in-fighting.

I have worked in corporations before, and it is a common event for the
establishment and CEOs to try and create "management vs. employees"
battles where local management and employees divert ther attention away
from ompany problems and the board but instead to each other.

Management and staff fight each other, and do not pay attention to the
real meanice that continues to work at cutting wages, or decrease future
wages. Staff and staff fight each other as well as they try to understand
the system.

Such is the case here. When we resort to name calling, or in-fighting,
this wastes our tme that we can invest in being productive and helping
each other.

Let us bring an end to this thread for now, and if DSL comes up again, we
can address the topic when we are more disposed to logical, productive and
rational thought.

Call me names if you wish, or slander me, but I will not be pulled into an
on-line flame war that is void of useful information.

In the years to come we will have OC-24 speeds into our houses, and xDSL
will be a thing of the past. Being able to push close to 650Mbps for real
time video on demand may help us to replace cable tv, the telephone, and
modems with single media capabale of all of these things. When this day
comes, it will be a happy day, and we will have switched on the backbone
switching at rates over the Terabit range, maybe even the petabit or
exabit ranges. 

Thanks to everyone here for supporting Linux,

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