DSL help plz.

Peter Bantowsky peterban at jps.net
Wed Dec 29 14:50:34 PST 1999

Howdy, Rick...

Hell, that's a no-brainer.  My acutely & astutely tuned psychic
decrapping circuits registered the same tell-tale psycho-subtext
signature in the manner of your responses in the recent thread on xDSL &
T1, when it became obvious that the discourse had reached the event
horizon of your expertise, which I also noticed in Nick's responses in
another (i.e. recent BALUG) context.  An uncanny, but not surprising,
peripheral registration:  Your name looms large (i.e. huge font) in the
diarrhea-of-the-KB verbiage at the crackmonkey site...

Regarding other matters, why bother with T1 when you can go T3?  Soon
we'll all be needing that kind of bandwidth on the subscriber end just
to keep up with the exponentially growing cyberfroth that is spreading
out across the cyberwasteland in hyper-agitation and devoid of any
ontological depth whatsoever.  Q: What's the singularly telling thematic
of all the machinations of Homo technologicus? A: The quest for
ever-smaller system throughput delays.  On all levels.  In other words,
for total, instantaneous, round-the-clock interconnectivity among the
mindless, multitudinous membership of the Borg.

As Kelly put it aptly not too long ago:  Totally *Out of Control*; on
the level of the individual participant, that is.  On the level of the
Collective, the syndrome is moving along an eminently predictable
trajectory: The eventual, total subjugation of the individual in the
service of... well, the very same quest for hyper-velocity system
throughput.  Hence, the aptness of the pedestrian aspersion toward geeks
& nerds, namely, 'speed phreak.'

We're all working feverishly on the elimination of ourselves as
authentic, individual beings, for the greater glory of the
supra-national, hyper-consumptive collective.  You and I are really not
very different, in the roles we are playing, from the poor saps who, for
the sake of a techno-rush, collaborated with another Borg earlier in
this century.  Can't help but flash back to the disparaging mention of
Werner von Braun in Nick's Keruacian (toilet paper roll)  meanderings
(at crackmonkey.org).  Maybe a subliminal sign that he may be (on the
verge of) intuiting the slavish nature of his own participation in this
madness?  Gotta go and catch some of this glorious sunshiny weather
we're having these days, especially along Salmon Creek Beach... that's
where I get my "therapeutics."

Cheers & Ciao,

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Peter Bantowsky (peterban at jps.net):
> > SportsFans...
> [...]
> Well, I sincerely _do_ hope you found the name-calling therapeutic.
> However, one does wonder what ranting about "Nick Moffit" has to do with
> --
> Cheers,                            "I'd say it's latke-esque.  Sort of like
> Rick Moen                           Kafka-esque, only less depressing."
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