DSL help plz.

ME dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu
Tue Dec 28 18:38:15 PST 1999

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Rick Moen wrote:
> Subject: Re: DSL help plz.
> I'm sorry to say that you still appear not to have understood what I
> said:
> The 2 Mbps HDSL segment I mentioned is _internal_ to my former firm's
> network (as I said before).  It's used to connect the firm's LAN across
> a large office building via existing CAT3 cabling.  We used HDSL routers
> on either side of the building's telco cable, that being the best we
> could do without stringing new cable (which was not an option).

Probing more deeply into this:  You state that you used the building's
telco cable, so I was assuming you were using the telco (telephone
company) for your DSL service. Maybe you have your own telephone switching
equipment on your campus not run by a telephone company?

It appears that my use of telco refers to the "tellephone company" and
your use of the word applies to "telecomminications" in general.

The existing cat-3 cable you have (assuming your company owns the wire in
the building) could entirely be seperate from the telephone company.

If the above *is* true, then I did mis-understand your re-stated segment.
Sorry about that.

So much for connection-oriented reliable communications such as this...

> > Two questions:
> Neither of which bears on what I said.  Perhaps you should ask someone
> with a great deal of free time to spend.  I'm afraid I'm running short.


It is a good discussion, thanks for contributing as much time as you have.
Everyone benfits (including me) as we corect each other and form a clearer


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