deleting files

Eric Skagerberg eric at
Thu Dec 9 15:21:22 PST 1999

Hi Mike,

My questions:

1.  What user and group owners did the file have?
2.  Under what username did you attempt this?  In particular:
  a.  Were you logged in as root on your own system?
  b.  Was your username different than the file's owner?
3.  What were the permissions of:
  a.  the file?
  b.  the directory containing the file?

Eric S.

At 09:44 PM 12/08/1999 +0000, Mike Shain wrote:
>I am trying to delete a file and when I do I get this in response
>the command line is rm <filename>
>and when it kicks back a response I get overriding mode 0755?
>Can anyone help

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