2 macs and a linux on a LAN

John F. Kohler jkohler2 at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 4 13:11:23 PDT 2000

> Yes. You have 2 "default" gateways, and it looks like you made one of
> these your linux box.
> When you reboot your machine and it sets its configuration for netwokring
> and routing, do you get the same as above?
> If you run your network configuration tool, look to plug in the following
> values into the fields that correspond to the lables below:
> Your Linux Box's IP address:
> router/gateway:    
> subnet mask/netmask:
> DNS:                ,
> These next ones may or may not be asked for:
> Network Name/Network ID:
> Broadcast Address: 
> Domain:                      earthlink.net
> Let us know if there are fields that you do not fill in, and what they
> are called.
> After you configure these numbers to the right places when running one of
> those networking tools, then try rebooting your machine into linux.
> Just rebooted linux and ran

/sbin/route -n
with the following display:
Destination        Gateway         Genmask                Flags     Metric
Ref    Use    iFace      UH        0
0        0        eth0          U           0
0        0       eth0                  U
0            0        0        lo                    UG       0
0          0        eth0

The netscape browser can now get access to the net, and I would guess I
can ping from the command line any IP address on the planet.


> After the reboot, report to us the contents of
> # route -N
> Thanks,
> -ME

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