Just in Case people did not know about WinModem/LinModem development for Linux

ME dugan at passwall.com
Mon Dec 25 12:49:46 PST 2000

Hello List members,

This may be old news, but there has been some progress for some WinModems
to work in Linux. I still do not suggest you buy a WinModem or even
LinModem, as a non-winmodem can be used on just about any popular system
and does not use software to emulate hardware.

However, if you are stuck with a WinModem, and were not able to return it,
or are stuck with one integrated into your laptop, then read on...

No guarantee that your winmodem will ever work with Linux or will 
work now, but here is info on checking to see if there is a present 
chance based on your WinModem chipset





(Came to me from the wine-users mailing list...)

     Systems Department Operating Systems Analyst for the SSU Library

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