more DSL logs

E Frank Ball frankb at
Mon Jan 31 11:26:49 PST 2000


I do have ALL : ALL in hosts.deny, and this in hosts.allow:

ALL : : allow
ALL : 192.168.0. : allow
# port 113 auth
in.identd : : allow

This works for ident, but some things, like sshd and time, ignore this
file.  Probably lpd too.  I've been reading lots of web sites and
learned quite a bit, but I haven't seen a word on lpd.  I shut down lpd
for the moment until I learn more.

I did a rpm -e (remove) for telnet, rsh (rlogin), and some other stuff,
so they cannot be used no matter what.

I'll try to find a mailing list for my distribution, I do check their
ftp site on occasion and I'm all upto date as of last week.

Thanks for the help,

   E Frank Ball           frankb at
   work: (707) 794-4168   home: (707) 538-3693 

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