Does anyone have any Linux 6.0 install horror stories, CPU or motherboard?

Tyler Booth ty at
Thu Jan 27 10:47:44 PST 2000

David Cole wrote:

> I'm hoping to get some Personal opinions...
>     Are there any CPU or motherboard brand's to AVOID when installing Linux
> 6.0?
>     Does anyone have any Linux 6.0 install horror stories, CPU or
> motherboard?
>     Do you have any that you personally LOVED or hated?
> Celeron, Pentium, OverDrive, Pentium Pro®, Pentium II, AMD K6-2, AMD K6, AMD
> Athlon
> Asus, Alton, PC Chips, Shuttle, Matsonic, Abit,  Intel,  ect.

The only chip that really gave anybody and trouble would have been the AMD K5
series, apparently
it had some compatibility issues on a small part of the instruction set that
only worked under windows?!?

At this given moment in time I would recommend buying an AMD Athlon,. Given
price and performance, it
is the best chip available. 200Mhz bus is one of the strongest selling points,
aside from the benchmark results for
raw processing power over Intel. If you don't have much money but you're
willing to tweak a couple things,
but a Dual Slot 1 board, and two Celeron Processors. There is a hack available
on the net that describes how to
allow a Celeron to work on a Dual board. (it takes some soldering work...)

>     I am setting up a couple more inexpensive Linux WebServer boxes, and
>     I'm looking for purchasing advice on Non-Alpha, Non-MAC CPUs or
> motherboard's.

If you really want blazing speed, Run PPC linux on a G4!!

>     I will be serving into a 100 based LAN with a tulip Nic card, that feeds
> into a T1 line that serves a college.
>     And are there any 100based Nic cards that beat NetGear310 for price and
> performance?

I would advise against the Tulip card. I have had a few problems with the
kernel driver under linux reporting
all Transmittet packets as errors. I don't have this problem on a tulip cards,
but just the fact that it's happend a couple
of times makes me wonder.

I've had excelent luck with the 3com905b-TX. It's a great card and supports a
great throughput.

Hope this helps, good luck


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