pc/linux tcp/ip problems..

ME dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu
Mon Jan 24 00:09:36 PST 2000

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, David Johnson wrote:
> Subject: Re: pc/linux tcp/ip problems..
>     Well all has been solved! all I had to do is add the two networked machines
> ips to the route table per your directions and VOILA! everything pings great
> and as well Masquerading is up and operating (less than 15 minutes ater your
> email!)
> Thanks again You saved me a few Tylenols :)
> -David Johnson
> ME wrote:

Heya David,

Excellent! (Now I can stop thinking so much about other solutions and
problems on this.. :-)

There is something that does bother me in the use of static routes :

Use of static routes can be useful in many cases, but does not scale well
as you add new machines. For this reason, it is best to avoid it unless
you have no other way to enact a solution.

Check out the man page for route and see if you can delete those routing
table entries for the hosts and replace them with a single routing entry
that desribes the network sitting on that ethernet interface:


(remove static host routes which tell your kernel these are the *only*
exceptions to the default route and loopback:)
# route del
# route del

(Add a routing entry for your network which tells your kernel that any
packet with a destination of "192.168.0." as the first thre octets
should be sent out the eth1 interface :)
# route add -net netmask eth1
(maybe even try adding and removing this one with the other one)
# route add -host eth1

(Then verify that the only routing entries for eth1 are the last two
listed above.)

If pings still work after the above changes, I would replace the static
host routing entries with the later one(s) since it/(they) will allow the
addition of more machines on your LAN without having to add yet another
static routing entry to your Linux box.

There should be an rc file of some sort in /etc or /etc/init.d or
/etc/rc?.? (guesses) for RedHat where you can set whatever working routing
addition(s) solve these problems to automate the network setup at each

There may be a nifty interface in a GUI which will allow you to do it
without editing a file. (RedHat system configuration is not one of my
specialties. Does it show?) There are others at NBLUG who are quite
skilled at the RedHat distribution which may be able to point you to the
files, or method for enacting this.

Congratulations on your sucess!


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