pc/linux tcp/ip problems..

David Johnson dgj-dave at pacbell.net
Sun Jan 23 16:18:11 PST 2000

Hello all,
    My goal here is to configure a box to use dsl and ip masquerading to
serv as the firewall/proxy to 2 PCs on a small lan.
that said, here is where i stand,
-I did a full install of redhat 6.1 w/gnome
-I then Installed 2 NICS, redhat had no problem with the detection.
-I configured one as my static dsl connection and configured all dns and
gateway info with no prob/... its online
-next I configured the second NIC as a internal private network with and a mask of and connected it to the hub.
-on the same internal lan connected to the hub are two IBM compatible
machines running WIN98SE,
-both machines were set-up with sequential ips...i.e. and with the gateway as linux box) and dns as my
ISP's primary and secondary default..
- I am able to ping the PC's from each other but neither one can ping
the linux box, as well as the linux box cannot ping the pcs..
-Is there something I am completely overlooking?
Im very familiar with networking on pcs and trying to learn the linux
platform so any suggestions would be of great help.
p.s. I am currently reading the how-to's but it is a slow process. ;)
Thank You for any help
David Johnson

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