newbie stupid questions..

ME dugan at
Sat Jan 22 04:45:58 PST 2000


Some ideas:

It would be slow over modem, and much faster over a LAN, or from your
work if they have a high speed Internet connection, but....

Debian has a system which allows you to write some floppy disk image files
out to a bunch f flloppy disks (I seem to recall about 12 to 18 3.5"
1.44Mb floppy disks) just to install a base system.

Once the base system was installed, you could use a LAN connection to an
NFS mount from another machine's HD (maybe at work? Maybe borrow one from
a friend?)

If NFS is not available, Debian had the ability to use other application
layer protocols to pull down an installation over various types of
networking connections (modem: very slow, cable modem to ethernet, much
faster, xDSL nice too.)

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