Informationa about Sonoma County

Nick Costanzo nick at
Thu Jun 1 18:44:38 PDT 2000

The best ISP, in my opinon is (duh). DSL is
available in downtown Santa Rosa as long as you are within distance, but at
this time there is a long waiting list, the weather is nice here, and if you
can find a house/apartment in a outlaying town/city (Windsor,Cotati,Rohernet
Park,Healdsburg), you wont have a terrible commute. If you could get me a job
at Agilent that would be super sweet (hehe). If you are a big party guy, IMO
this is not a big party town, but rather low key. There are beautiful women
here and there. Good Luck!

Daniel Hanks wrote:

> Hi there,
> I was recently offered a position working at Agilent Technologies in
> Sonoma County. I wanted to get the opinions of Linux enthusiasts in the
> area of what it's like there? What are the pros and cons of living there?
> Who are the best ISPs? Is DSL available? How expensive is it, etc.
> Are there any Agilent employees on this list? If so, what has your
> experience been in the area? With Agilent?
> If you want to keep the noise level down on the list, please feel free to
> email me privately with any responses.
> Thanks for any info you can offer me.
> Dan Hanks

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