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GLoraditch at GLoraditch at
Thu Jun 1 14:23:37 PDT 2000

Hello -

Just a quick troubleshoot question (if there ever was one) :

I am using Gnome with RH 6.0, and after the bootup it proceeds to launch X
and Gnome with Enlightenment, which are very sluggish all of the sudden at
that point.  Any GUI app opens very slowly, and X wont shut down with the
desktop with the normal menu selection. 

Consequently, at this point I have to either open a shell and run shutdown
-r now, or just Ctrl-Alt-F1 and do it there.

Is the fact that X or Gnome is behaving peculiar a bad sign?  Anything I
should look for or trace down?  I hate to keep exiting and booting down with
a shell or with keys without first shutting down Gnome and X, since that
seems to make any new session worse.....:(

Greg L.

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