tar - versions?

ME dugan at passwall.com
Thu Mar 29 14:10:39 PST 2001

> ME <dugan at passwall.com> said:
> > Have you verified the contents of the tape on the SCO box to make sure the
> > tape is not damaged and the data is really there?

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001 cdlcruz at sonic.net wrote:
> Now my face is red - sort of an "is it plugged in?" thing - I took the tape
> back to the SCO box and, sure enough, it wasn't readable.  I created a clean
> tar, took it to Linux, and with no further fuss, extracted the files.
> I have been fighting with incompatible hardware; finally switched SCSI cards
> and got the machine to recognize and load both the card and the tape drive

Such is the case with me. I'll sometimes casually dismiss the simple
things and assume there is a fault elsewhere. The problem with this is as
you become more experienced, the list of possibly quirky and arcane places
for a problem grows very quickly. Because of experience, I may dismiss
something that I assumed I did properly just as I have done so many times
before. This sort of thing probably happens to all admins.

Good to hear you are up and movin'!


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