tar - versions?

cdlcruz at sonic.net cdlcruz at sonic.net
Thu Mar 29 11:40:31 PST 2001

I am a newbie.  At work I manage some complex programs on SCO Unix System
V/386 Rel 3.2
Since SCO stopped supporting it in 1994, it has become obvious to management
that some upgrade path is needed.  I have installed Red Hat 7 on my own
machine and am struggling to learn Linux as well as the old version of Unix.

To explore some of the options, I need to download a tape from the SCO system
to the RH7; same tape drive (Seagate Python).  However, when I try 'tar -xvf
/dev/st0' the tape drive starts to whirl, then  RH informs me that 'this does
not look like a tar achive' then exits.  

Any suggestions?  I REALLY NEED the data that is on this tape.

Catherine de la Cruz
IT Manager, Wyvern Restaurants, Inc.
cdlcruz at sonic.net

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