Adding a tape drive to Red Hat 7

Catherine de la Cruz cdlcruz at
Thu Mar 15 19:48:23 PST 2001

At 01:07 AM 3/16/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>} I am a complete novice with Linux.  I have a dual-boot machine with a 
>} Scorpion DAT drive running on an Adaptec SCSI card.  It works fine in 
>} the same machine and card also work in our old SCO System V 
>machines.  How do
>} I get RH to recognize it?  Thanks.
>} Catherine de la Cruz
>} cdlcruz at
>There are a pile of different Adaptec SCSI drivers (kernel modules).
>Which card do you have?

The model is Adaptec 2910C - though the windoze recognizes is as part of 
the 7800 family.  Does that help?

Catherine de la Cruz

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