I made a mistake... (wireless Linksys 802.11b PCI for less than $50? - Wrong.)

Colin Marquardt colin.marquardt at usa.alcatel.com
Thu Mar 15 15:08:14 PST 2001

Rob Flickenger <rob at oreillynet.com> writes:

> On 15 Mar 2001, Colin Marquardt wrote:
> > I have a set of those Ciscos, and yes, they are PCMCIA.
> How are they under Linux?  Are you happy with 'em?

Pretty good I think. I have some problems when I pull out the card
and re-insert it (kernel oops :), but I read that it is a problem
with an older pcmcia-cs package and kernel 2.4.x.

I am currently in the process of installing a new pcmcia-cs, new airo
modules and wireless-tools. I'll let you know how it goes.  I also try
to find out what the recommended way for installing this under Debian is
(read: duplicating IP adresses etc. in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts doesn't
seen very Debianish to me), and I want to have it right. Debian unstable
has all the necessary packages.

Already asked on the NoCat list: anybody tried the yenta driver which
is included in 2.4.x.? I read you could use that instead of pcmcia-cs
(on http://ibgwww.colorado.edu/~lessem/5000e/).

I haven't tried the Cisco tools yet, but AFAIK they have the same
functionality as under MICROS~1, and that is good.

One other thing: how do you find out what other computers are around
once you pick up a signal?


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