changing partition sizes?

ME dugan at
Thu Mar 8 15:56:55 PST 2001

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Kevin Jamieson wrote:
> My suggestion (not sure if it's the 'proper' or best way to do it) would be
> to create a directory under /var (where you have more space) and just
> route some symbolic links to it.   Not sure if that really suits your needs,
> but it's easy.

This is a good suggestion, and I have used variations of it before. It can
create complications with some services, and other problems if you are not
careful, but it can also work and provide a very fast patch without a
reboot for mission ciritcal servers that can be rebooted right away, but
are running out of space where they need it fbefore the new HD comes
in. :-)

(Not that I have ever had to do this because FedEx lost an order for a
drive when an old drive was starting to fail, mind you... ;-)


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