[NBLUG] SFU on win2k

Dustin Mollo dustin at sonic.net
Thu May 10 13:04:08 PDT 2001

On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 11:29:54AM -0700, david wrote:
> I'm very interesed in the SFU (services for unix) in windows 2000,
> mainly the ability to run an NFS server. Is this built into 2000pro,
> or do I need 'advanced server'?
> My end goal is to be able to run 2k and linux together- one w2k file 
> server and a couple linux internet servers.

Hi David.

I was going to evaluate this product about a month ago until priorities
changed at the office.  It is an add-on product sold by Microsoft for Win2K
as well as NT.  The package also includes NFS clients for Windows, so if you
wanted to do the reverse, that is also possible.

Hope that helps...if I had the URL for the site handy, I'd post it, but I
suspect you know where to find it.


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