seeking recommendation for repair place

ME dugan at
Thu May 17 12:55:36 PDT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Lorie Obal wrote:
> Can somebody recommend a repair shop for my laptop that might finish the
> job in under a month?  I've had a hardware failure in the keyboard - one
> diagonal of keys doesn't work + one other key.  There's gotta be more
> going on there than just some lint preventing contact.

Way back when I bought a laptop, I purchased an extended 4 year warrantee
for parts and labor from a third party through MicroWarehouse. The
company's name and contact information is listed at the end of this
message. They did replace a keyboard and system board for my laptop as
well as the screen. I have no idea how expensive they would be if they
charged you to repair your laptop without a warrantee.

They did offer on-site repair for me as part of my contract. The thing
that took the longest was getting the new screen since they were all on
back order.

After the technician finished with my machine, it seemed to work
great. All of the previously broken parts now worked - or seemed to
work. I found out later that the (delete) key and my "arrow keys" no
longer worked after he left.

Upon opening up my laptop on my own, I discovered that the ribbon
connector fr the keyboard to the system board/motherboard was not fully
seated in its position. After making sure all of the connections were
solid, all of my keys worked again.

I am not saying that your problem is one of a connector being loose, or
not fully seated, but if you are ambitious, and willing to take the risk,
and the machine is not longer under warantee, then you might try to see if
your problem is as simple as mine was. (ThinkPad 560) I would backup any
files you need just in case your encounter a problem.


I don't know if they are still in business or will help you, or if they
will help but charge you lots of $, but here is at least one contact that
does/did work on laptops:

Almar Computer Service

Hope this helps,


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