tftp configs... ?

ME dugan at
Thu May 17 15:16:00 PDT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Dave Cooper wrote:
> Anyone have any success running tftp ( any flavor ) on a RH 7...

Have ran tftp for a while with Slackware and then later (now) in
Debian. Seems to work rather well.

A side note (you probably know this) tftp is not really a replacement for
ftp or other ftp services. tfpt is most commonly used to transmit new
firmware updates to networking equipment, help netbooting devices get an
image or kernel or instruction set to start their work, and to play aroud
with moving files when you are bored.

Long ago, tftpd would (by default) allow any files from "/" to be accessed
by UID ~= nobody. Now it seems, many distros have switched over the
explicit "new roots" often using "/boot" or some other name.

How are you trying to use tftp, and in what context? 


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