Linx Non-Technical: Movie "Schrek" and Linux

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Tue May 22 09:03:04 PDT 2001

Whatever it used, it was totally funny; Myers is a great voice actor
with a hilariously bent sense of humor!

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---- ME <dugan at> wrote:
> Hello,
> You may have heard about a new movie called, "Schrek" that uses a great
> deal of computer animation.
> According to a "zdnet" article you get the impression that Linux was
> used
> for a huge part of the movie.
> (,4586,2761566,00.html )
> A later article on slashdot includes discussion by users stating that
> it
> was only the rendering that was done on Linux based systems while the
> modeling was done on/with SGI? IRIX
> ( )
> (Included user followup quote from slashdot:)
> -IRIX for modeling, Linux for rendering (Score:2)
> -by green pizza (colin at on Saturday May 19, @01:20PM
> EST (#103)
> -(User #159161 Info)
> Linux was only used for rendering. The initial modeling, effects, and
> final compositing of the rendered material was done on SGI Octane
> workstations running IRIX. Audio was done on a Windows NT Protools
> setup.
> I saw it, and found it to be fun. It seems to be targeting the young
> adult
> to adult market more than the kids. Funny, entertaining, was worth
> it for
> me for non-matinee price. Most humor would probably not have kids lauging
> too hard. People who have suffered through dating will find many more
> scenes entertaining. Don't think of this as a happy Disney movie due
> to
> what happens to characters and certain circumstances. (This gives nothing
> plot-wise away about the movie.) If Disney was to make this kind of
> movie,
> it would probably be released under "Touchstone" be made by Pixar,
> and not
> use the Disney label. (They learned this problem for labels from the
> old
> movie "Black Hole")
> I am not so sure it will make *lots* of money though. The Theater was
> nearly empty for the 9:40m show. Of course it was playing on 4 screens
> at
> the "Pacific Cinemas Rohnert Park 16", so I could have it all wrong
> with
> this guess.
> (Another "big" movie that used linux for some of the special effects
> was
> Titanic. However, I think it was stated the Linux cluster was used
> for the
> wave generation for the oceanic special effects and not much more.)

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