802.11 project of mine

Jake Jake at callatg.com
Sat Nov 3 00:50:18 PST 2001

Hello all,

I got my 802.11 network up and running, heck yea!

Its currently working at 11mps at my house and in the park all the way to
the santa rosa creek with NO antena!

However dhcpd dies all the time for some reason.
I am about to rewrite me dhcpd conf file and if it doesnt work still I might
be asking for some help from you guys and gals... However at the moment it
works perfectly, no lost packets (unless you put your hand infront of the
card, heh) for the most part I am streaming 128k mp3s on my laptop right

I have wep enabled security (yea secure i know... lol) but if anyone wants
to come over and check out the network you can. Its in Santa Rosa. All you
need is the wep key, just email me for it :)

Use netstumbler to find the SSID :) or just ask....

Anyway I am off to get dhcpd to work correctly because at the moment its
crapping out every few minutes and I am not sure... off to cat /var/log...

Anyway Email me if you want to connect to the net from a park near my house
(email for address)...

Anyone know of any good VPN software to encrypt all data to the server? I
know sonic uses something called Radius for the downtown network, but I
couldnt find any info on it. Any free (beer and/or speech) software ideas?

Later :)

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