firewall-config-should it be empty?

ME dugan at
Sun Nov 4 11:06:03 PST 2001

>From what i can tell, this application is not part of ipchains, but
appears to be an application made to work with it.

As a guess, this application probably has options/arguements to read from
a file, or possibly from the kernel, the present firewall rules. If it is
not so well coded, it may only be able to keep track of a firewall when it
is only created in whole through its interface as it may save the rules
you create with it to one of its own files.

What does the program man page say about this?

If it is supposed to have this functionality you mention, then are you
running it as root, or as a regular user? If as a regular user, do they
have access to the appropriate spaces in /proc for reading the present


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On Sun, 4 Nov 2001 linmail at wrote:
> When I do ipchians -L all the rules are there. But when I launch 
> firewall-config it has no rules in it. It knows where the rules are 
> because if I try to add one with activate it says, "You are about to 
> delete an eventually manual created /etc/sysconfig/ipchains."
> "What you say?"
> Shouldn't it list the exiting rules?

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