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ME dugan at
Wed Nov 14 23:21:50 PST 2001

Hello Linux users,

If you have a nicer Linux box (500MHz or better) with supported
3d-hardware video cards like one of the vodoo3d cards, or some of the
Nvidia cards , and you also have the OpenGL stuff all setup with your
Linux box to work with X on your Linux box and have Return to Castle
Wolfenstein set up on your machine to work with these and want to try out
some network games, please e-mail me off-list.

(Links/URLs at bottom.)

I have configured few (3) dedicated wolfenstein servers to work on a
private and not-so-private networks. I'm not interrested in keeping any
running during all hours, but am interrested in having one run during
certain pre-scheduled times (weekend and perhaps evenings) if there is

Windows users *may* be tolerated, but if I find out your are using windows
with wolf, maybe I'll go after you with greater passion in-game. ;-)

(Linux users and windows users can play in the same net game just fine

Instructions suggest not using the flamethrower in a game when you have
one or more slow network users.

I am willing to test the game with one or more modem users, DSL, and high
speed link users.

Again, please contact me off-list and let me know when you contact me if
you want to have your e-mail address made public to other users, or only
available as a BCC entry when announcements are made.

Game pack for install is ~70Mb. if you look to dl it, do not download the
wolfded (that is the linux dedicated server) You will want one called: To install, the user running it needs privs
to install the game to the directory specified and privs to write a sym
link into a directory. (No need to be root to install or play.)



I remember playing Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple ][e where you were a
POW trying to escape (grenades could blow up walls in that one), then
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein where you were a spy who broke into the Castle
to find Hitler and his top brass in a room and blow them up with  bomb in
a briefcase (this included cracking safes/picking locks, the bomb, a
knife, but greandes were removed, alarms were also added and SS could
chase after you) Then years passed, perhaps a decade, and Wolfenstein3d
came out for the Mac with the dogs and gurds and stuff. Now we are looking
at Return to Castle Wolfenstein and it runs on LINUX. It is a fiirst
person shooter game / 3d but includes classes of players (soldier (choice
of different primary weapons and more grenades), engineer (has dynamite to
blow up stuff that can be blown up with other things, pliers to repaiir
broken guns and defuse dynamite) Medic (heal people, bring near-dead
players back to life) and an LT (calls in air strikes, artillary, carried
lots of extra ammo for anyone's primary weapon of choice.) This game is
a great cooperative team play first person shooter.

I encoutered problems with one AC97 sound card, but another AC97 worked
fine. YMMV.

Links: (Info on game and where to get it)  OR

(Nvidia users:)

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