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ME dugan at passwall.com
Thu Nov 22 23:51:08 PST 2001

Hello Laptop users,

If you had problems with any of your PCMCIA based devices not working with
linux or having limited functionality, you may wish to try out a new
version ready for compilation from sourceforge.

Check out the attached e-mail for URLs to their data/information.

You can subscribe to their announce list which is VERY low traffic (only
announcements of new version that are released. so far for ~1 or 2 years)

Check the HCL included on their site and with each new tarball for the
hardware you were having trouble with using.

Setting this up does require compiling it. Tose familiar with compiling a
kernel should have little trouble. Those unfamiliar with it at all might
do well with the docs they have ont he site and the readme's they have
with their tarballs.

I wont forward announcements of their future updates to this list for at
least a year. This is just to inform you it is out there.


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