NBLUG mailing list setup

Paul Larkin larkin at jps.net
Sun Dec 8 20:40:42 PST 2002

I am (still) a newbie.  I vote for a separate newbies group.  My 
experience with a superb users group (you may have been a member 
yourself), BMUG, was that the techies monitored the newbies group & gave 
priceless instruction.  Gray Shaw stands out, but there were several 
others whose names I've forgotten.  

  Linux is far more intimidating than classic Mac OS, and I formulating 
questions to ask (I have not for a long time) and getting an answer that 
worked for me, both hard.  Therefore I think a newbies group would be 
worth a try.

E Frank Ball wrote:

>On Sat, Dec 07, 2002 at 12:42:25AM -0800, Eric Eisenhart wrote:
>} So, what do people think of dividing talk into two lists?  What would the
>} lists be?  talk and talk-tech?  talk and talk-newbie?  talk-tech,
>} talk-newbie and talk-general?
>I vote to keep it the way it is.  
>If the newbies are on there own list who will answer them, unless the
>tech folks subscribe to both, and then it might as well be one list,
>except some people will insist on cross-posting, so I will get mail

Paul L.

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