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On my own mail server at home, I use tmda ( as an
alternative to SpamAssassin.  I find it to be *quite* effective in reducing
the amount of unwanted traffic to my inbox. :)  I wouldn't mind
participating in the talk and speaking about TMDA and it's configuration and
indeed, if needed or wanted, my experiences with SpamAssassin.  We use
SpamAssassin here at my work and it is effective, but not as effective, I
feel as TMDA.  (Though, TMDA introduces other issues).

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On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 11:59:33AM -0800, Mike Egan, ME wrote:
} Hello all,
} I have just been playing with spam assassin and squirrelmail and maildrop
} and found spam filtering can be a pretty cool thing. I suggest a talk on
} what to do to decrease spam on a Linux server, and Linux client.
} I could talk about this so long as someone else is willing to cover the
} RedHat counterparts for the installation of the packages...

No talk on spam would be complete without a discussion of procmail
filtering, mailserver configuration (postfix access list type things),
and firewall configuration (blackhole Asia, Central and South America,
etc.)  also.  At sonic I use procmail to delete 80% of my mail before
routing to spamassassin.  At home I bypass spamassassin for 90% of my
mail because spamassasin is such a resource pig, and most of my
blacklisting is done at the firewall.


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