New Linux Admin courses track at SRJC

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Hi Mark!

After next semester I will be one class away for the Linux Certificate
(Interoperability).  Does this new track mean I have to start over? Who is
the faculty advisor for the certificate?


Paul Stagnoli

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I recently received word that the 3 new Linux courses I wrote and the
reworking of the Linux/UNIX completion certificate at SRJC is a go for Fall
2003.  Scope and depth of the course content map to SAIR, LPI and RHCE
industry exams.  I even scraped up enough comparables to make them all
transferrable to CSU schools.

The new Linux certification track reads;

58.81A - Cisco Networking 1 - 3 units
50.71 - Intro to Linux/UNIX  - 3 units
50.73 -  UNIX/Linux Shell Scripts - 1.5 units
50.75 - Intro to Linux System Administration - 3 units
50.77A - Linux System Administration I - 3 units
50.77B - Linux System Administration II - 3 units

The penguin will assimilate, go forth and prosper....

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