Dropping packets??

ME dugan at passwall.com
Fri Feb 1 18:03:15 PST 2002

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Christopher White wrote:
> > I tried pinging www.yahoo.com, www.whitehouse.gov, 
> > www.nomaddesign.com,
> > thunder.sonic.net, newbolt.sonic.net, etc..  All seem to give 
> > me some packet
> > loss..  Except for your IP..  0% packet loss.  It seems 
> > though, that the
> > packet loss is lower now than before now that I've been 
> > messing around with
> > it..  Weird..

I have not beeing keeping track of this thread.

You realize that when you ping someone, if you interrupt the ping process
after you sent a ping, but before you received the response, it will say
you have packet loss?

If you uset large packet sizes for ping then that can lead to return
packets exceeding window size.

If the above, try your ping as before, but instead use the following

$ ping -s 56 -c 5 host.to.ping

This should allow you to ping without interruptions between packets.

(Side note: If you ping, and send 2 pings, but only receive 1 since you
interrupt the ping process after you got the response for one but the send
for the other, then you may see 50% packet loss, when in reality that is
just a matter of un received return caused by interruption of the program.

Could you send the original post direct to me (forward it) as I may have
deleted it thinkin it was part of another thread.


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