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ME dugan at
Thu Feb 14 16:05:06 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Howard wrote:
> Where is the Install Fest?
> I have Suse running but need help with some peripheral configuration
> if that is possible.

Install fest is at SSU in Rohnert Park. Instruction/directions available
from:   and:

If you can find SSU, the 2nd link shows a map on where to find the room.
Jean and Charles Schulz Information and Technology Center Room 1121.

The room has a door to the outside world and access from the library. If
you get lost, go to the library's first floor circ desk and they should be
able to tell you where room 1121 can be found, or if from the first floor
circ desk you look to the left 135 degrees, you can see a short narrow
hallway leading to a door that is room 1121.


Version: 3.12
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L+++$(++) E W+++$(+) N+ o K w+$>++>+++ O-@ M+$ V-$>- !PS !PE Y+ !PGP
t at -(++) 5+@ X@ R- tv- b++ DI+++ D+ G--@ e+>++>++++ h(++)>+ r*>? z?
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