Andrew argonaut at softhome.net
Thu Feb 14 21:52:50 PST 2002

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 03:27:33 -0800
"Christopher Wagner" <chrisw at pacaids.com> wrote:

> Is there another console utility to easily (but more
> comprehensively)
> configure ipchains and/or iptables?

Ironically, the night before you posted this I was looking up
firewalling info on the Web. (Maybe your previous posts got me
thinking about it.) I use Debian Testing ("Woody"), so I went to
http://packages.debian.org and searched the package descriptions
(not package names) for "firewall". Of the 60 or so hits, I guess
about 10 of them were front-ends. Some were GUI, some CLI. One or
two may be comprehensive enough for your needs. Even if you don't
use Debian, that would be a good place to dig up some package
names that you could then search for on rpmfind or elsewhere. I'd
also suggest searching freshmeat and sourceforge.

You could also go to http://linux-firewall-tools.com/ and try the
online firewall configurator. It can do the firewalls for 2.0,
2.2, and 2.4 kernels, as well as BSD. At least that's what it
claims. I went through the procedure and saved the resulting
script, but I haven't had a chance yet to double check it. Caveat


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