Strange crashes that make me say "huh?"

Warren Raquel warquel at
Sat Feb 16 18:04:38 PST 2002

I've had similar problems before. It was actually an 800 Duron system I use
for development. It always hung whenever I would try to start X. I added
that mem=nopentium line to my bootloader to fix the AMD AGP bug and so far
haven't had a problem. I don't know if that will solve that for you, have
you tried it?

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Subject: Strange crashes that make me say "huh?"

> I just updated a bunch of software packages on my computer (RedHat 7.2 on
> Athlon/1GHz, GNOME-related updates came from Ximian Red Carpet, all other
> came from Red Hat Network), and ever since I've been having having totally
> unexplainable lock-ups that I can only resolve with a reboot (either using
> the reset button or the magic SysRq kjey).  I have no idea what's going on
> because I can't find anything in my kernel logs that would explain it, but
> do know that it's not just an X server crash because I can't ping the
> computer when one of these lock-ups occurrs.
> I only have a few bits of information.  Among the upgrades was a new build
> of the kernel.  I tried re-compiling it with all the debugging features,
> still found nothing.  I then tried re-compiling the kernel for a 386, and
> that kernel failed to boot (some sort of problem with ext3fs).  After
> half a dozen kernel re-compiles, I'm at the same place I started at.
> There is one thing that may be a clue (but I don't know what it means):
> for the heck of it, I tried logging into KDE instead of GNOME, and for the
> last half an hour or so (usually it would crash within 10 minutes of
> it's still running fine.  At least I seem to be up and running again, but
> have no idea how or why!
> Has anyone ran into problems like this before?  Does anyone see anything
> happening that I don't?
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