[NBLUG/talk] Apache.

Steve srj at adnd.com
Tue Mar 2 12:48:01 PST 2004

Is there anyone on the list who can help me out wiht a redirect rule for

I have 2 servers, both running apache. for examepl www and www2,  I want
it so if someone calls upa URL on www and if its a 404, it will redirect
to the exact same url on www2 (but replace www with www2)..  Is this


www.somedomain.com/bill   gets a 404 error, so it redirects to
www2.somedomain.com/bill  if its there, all is good, if it is not,
www2 reports the 404 error.

Is this possible?  I've gone over the apache docs (not apache 2.0 by the

I know this isn't exactly linux related =) But it is on 2 debian boxes =)



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