[NBLUG/talk] Next Install Fest?

sms at sonic.net sms at sonic.net
Thu Mar 11 00:57:01 PST 2004

>> And FWIW, "CABAL" (http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/) apparently does
>> installs by pre-arrangement in addition to their 'fest activities
>> (scroll down to "The Usual Suspects" about halfway down their page).
>> They are down in Menlo Park, also 2ish hours away, so it saves you no
>> travel-time but if you're uberurgent a little abject grovelling may
>> get you Linucized in short order... check with them.
> Well, at that point, might as well find an NBLUG'er in the area who
> is willing to do a 'short order' install.

Yeah; if you can.  The CABALists are actually crazy enough to *SUGGEST*
the idea & advertise a contact-point for it.  =8-O   (along with the
home-address (+ maps & directions) of one of their members, who often
hosts their regular meetings).  On 2nd thought, maybe you DON'T want to
get an install from people *that* crazy... ;)

>> According to BALE (http://linuxmafia.com/bale/) the LUGOD event is the
>> next available Installfest in the greater bay area... they ain't
>> omniscient, but they're impressive.  :)
> LUGOD, or BALE? ;)
> If the former, then: *blush*

I meant BALE (simply for all the events they have managed to collect);
but it goes for LUGOD too (and NBLUG, FWIW)... I've been *very*
impressed by all the LUG's I've interacted with, on any basis.  To
judge from the evidence, Linux apparently turns ordinary folk into
people who are both nice & knowlegable.  ;)

- Steve S.
  (who actually DOES understand the difference between cause/effect
   & that association isn't causation; but has found the difference
   between LUG folk and the random populace to be... well... stunning;
   so blush all you want).

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