[NBLUG/talk] Need some help with XWindows

Christopher Wagner chrisw at pacaids.com
Thu Mar 11 15:52:00 PST 2004

Hi Todd.  Steve's suggestion of creating another new user and seeing if X is
borked there.  If that works then:

It's possible that when you deleted the user 'todd' that it didn't delete
the config files in /home/todd (or wherever 'todd's home directory is).  I
would investigate that as well.

Best of luck! :)

- Christopher Wagner
chrisw at pacaids.com

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I messed up my XWindows for one user, "todd".  If I login as any other 
user, all is fine, but as "todd", there are some strange shaped 
components on the screen.  I deleted the user "todd" and re-created him, 
but the problem persists.

This appears to be a good opportunity to learn a little more about 
XWindows on my "play computer".   What should I look at?


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