[NBLUG/talk] Boot loader

Troy Arnold fryman at sonic.net
Tue Mar 16 14:05:01 PST 2004

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On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 01:41:11PM -0800, Ian Sutherland wrote:
> I have lost the boot loader for Linux (Red Hat 9) and DOS (Win XP). I
> upgraded Red Hat 9 and edited the Boot Loader with seemingly all the
> combinations and the computer continues to boot into Windows no sign of
> Red Hat.
> Suggestions?

Did you let RedHat write to the MBR (Master Boot Record) ?
If so, then the only thing I can think of that might prevent that
happening is if your BIOS has some sort of anti-virus MBR protection

As an aside, if this happens to anyone else, you certainly don't need
to reinstall.  Just grab a copy of some bootable run-from-the-cd
distribution and use it to write a new MBR.  Maybe someone else will
suggest a good one -- I happen to use a Debian Woody installer which,
although limited, does the trick.  I also keep a copy of Linux BBC
(Bootable Business Card) around, but I never use it.


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