[NBLUG/talk] Red Hat 8- too slow

Steve Johnson srj at adnd.com
Sun Mar 28 14:05:01 PST 2004

n Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 11:37:03AM -0800, Dustin Mollo wrote:
> but i'd also point out that the machine you are running linux on is probably
> best suited to console-only and not X.

Now, wait a minute..   His machine is fine for X, He just needs a less
memory intensive window manager.

I've run X wiht AfterStep on Pentium 150s and it runs great with out a
hitch.  So saying this P2 233 box is to old for X is not right.

Here is what I would do

1) Up the memory to at least 256M
2) Make sure the video card is decent, a gforce2 is cheap and works well.
3) Change window manager to AfterStap or something less bloated,
look for window managers that are designed for laptops.  BlackBox is a
nice one that runs real fast, and is pretty customizable.

Do those steps and a P2 233mhz can be a pretty kick ass machine.
Oh and the nice thing here is that you don't need to run KDE or Gnome in
order to run their aps, just need the libs installed =)


      "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing your self is Enlightenment."
                                                   -- Lao-Tzu

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