[NBLUG/talk] Linux Apache PHP novice

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Wed Aug 3 10:50:34 PDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 10:25:47AM -0700, Dean A. Roman wrote:
> I haven't used LAMP before, so I can't help much with that.  However, 
> PHP, MySQL, and Apache are old friends of mine :-)    .

Not sure if you were making a funny, but in case not -- Linux Apache,
MySQL, {Perl, PHP, Python} spell LAMP.  So you've now added another
acronym to your resume ;-)

I kept getting people who'd find my resume online and ask about my
availablity to work on LAMP projects, so I added the phrase "I was a
LAMP developer before it became an acronym", to my resume.  Now I find
many more people find my resume/projects using that search term.


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