[NBLUG/talk] BIOS -failed update - help

Justin Thiessen thiessen at sonic.net
Thu Jan 6 19:23:19 PST 2005


You *may* be in luck.

Look here for emergency reflashing information:


Try following the instructions for emergency recovery using the award BIOS 
(on the lower half of the page, AFTER instructions for the AMI BIOS), which 
is what your system has according to its manual. 

Of course you'll need the boot disk, which you can get from:


Look on this page for your BIOS.  (search for 6260)


And get a copy of the award flash utility.  Googling for "award" and "flash"
turns up several sources.  You probably have a copy on the update disk
that eSupport sent.  Of course you may be suspicious of that copy since your 
flash failed...

This page has a PDF of the motherboard's manual.  (search for 6260)


Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Justin Thiessen
thiessen at sonic.net

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 10:10:22AM -0800, Glen Gunsalus wrote:
> Justin,
> Thanks for the respponse.
> ok, for starters - no beeps.  The mb is 5-6 years old and manufacturer is foobar.
> It's Atrend 6260.  It's Intel 440BX based chip set, multiprocessor with onboard SCSI controller.  All my data are on the SCSI, so I'd prefer to get this running again rather than replacing. 
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> On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 07:50:24AM -0800, Glen Gunsalus wrote:
> > Sorry if this is considered off topic, but my linux box is out of 
> > commission and I'm clutching for resources just now.
> > 
> > The short story is that I have no or a partial or a corrupt BIOOS so my 
> > main linux box is dead.  I have the original BIOS on floppy (saved by 
> > flash update program).  My BIOS is on a 40-pin EEPROM (socketed).  Is it 
> > possible to write the chip using an eeprom writer and the 
> > original_bios.bin?    If so, does anyone on the list have access to such 
> > a resource and willing to give me a hand?
> This might indeed be be possible, but first, let's see if there's an easier
> way.  It's possible with some motherboards to go through a bios flash sequence
> even if the BIOS is fubarred.  Unfortunately it requires doing things like
> interpreting boot-time beep codes and the like, but it's better than tossing
> your motherboard!
> So...what brand and model motherboard do you have?
> Justin
> > This was all in the interest of installing a new disk which was bigger 
> > than my BIOS could see/access.  I purchased a BIOS upgrade for my 
> > motherboard from eSupport.com, followed their update instructions and it 
> > hung during the eeprom write.  So far I've not been able to get a 
> > response from eSupport.com (yea for support  :-(( )
> > 
> > TIA for any help or pointers.
> > 
> > Glen Gunsalus
> > 
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