[NBLUG/talk] Firefox extensions

Kyle Rankin kyle at nblug.org
Tue Jan 18 13:44:07 PST 2005

Sorry for the delay, here are the descriptions and links to the extensions
I discussed in the talk:

Tabbrowser Preferences:

This extension is an enhancement for the basic tab controls provided in
Firefox 1.0. It replaces the existing user interface with a new, more
visible user interface, and also includes UI for other hidden features that
are part of the browser, as well as features provided explicitly by the


Tabbrowser Extensions:

This is an extension for extending operations of tabbed browsing, e.g.,
tabs become re-ordable by drag and drop. Add-on Modules are available if
you want more features.



A lightweight RSS and ATOM feed aggregator.


Web Developer:

Adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.
Current tools include converting form POSTs to GETs, hiding images,
outlining block level elements, and disabling styles - plus many more.

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