[NBLUG/talk] Re: [NBLUG/Announce] InstallFest; May 14th

LynnSears lynnsears at comcast.net
Thu May 5 15:50:59 PDT 2005

Eric Eisenhart wrote:

>On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 03:03:46PM -0700, LynnSears wrote:
>>The xfree link to video cards
>>was not found.  Could you suggest another source?
>I can't find an equivalent anymore...  That page used to list all of the
>supported cards.  From some googling and poking around on the xfree86.org
>and freedesktop.org websites, it looks like the whole "video on linux" thing
>got complicated enough that it really doesn't work on a single webpage
>What video card do you have?
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>talk at nblug.org
Thanks for answering,  I have what dell calls a RADEON X300 series.  I 
have been poking about on the web and see that people are having trouble 
with the Dell 8400 series and linux installs and it sounds abit 
complicated to me.I was trying to get a dual boot going with xp and suse 
9.3 or some other newer linux distro.  I bought this machine recently 
new in box off ebay. It seems to work just fine. 3GHz  P4 600 series, 
512mb, sata 80g hd with the video card in a pci e x16 slot. It has a cd 
rom and a cd-r/rw both samsung. The network adapter is a Broadcom 
netXtreme 57xx gigabit which I think is supported by linux and usb 
controller is Intel 82801.  I list all this stuff in the hopes that 
someone might be able to tell me whether a trip to the upcoming install 
fest might result in a dual boot dell. I surely would like to try and 
make it happen.  thanks...Lynn

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