[NBLUG/talk] NBLUG Apparel!

S. Saunders sms at sonic.net
Mon May 16 09:48:10 PDT 2005

On Sat, May 14, 2005 22:41, Augie Schwer said:
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> On 5/14/05, list at mindling.com <list at mindling.com> wrote:
>> Just a comment: I would gladly support a small markup in support of
>> NBLUG. You've gotta have expenses, right? :)
> Indeed; however, that would constitute income earned, and us not being
> an official non-profit (501C), and no one on the board wanting to take
> on the tax responsibility for that income we prefer to just leave it
> as is for now.
> But thanks for the support!
> In lieu of monetary donations we will gladly accept Speakers and free
> advertising. :)
> Augie.

Why don't you go ahead and charge over on Cafepress, and otherwise not
worry about "too much income" (sheesh -- the "problems" bugging some
people!!!).  Take the income and overspend, for a net operating loss.

If, towards the end of the year, you're in the black by some apalling
amount (say $1000 or more), spec up a decent computer system (or two
or however many you've got surplus for) & donate it to one of the
poorer school-districts in the area.

- Steve S.

  ianal - nor an accountant.  I dunno if that advice is clever, stupid,
  or outright insane.  Just an idea, fwiw.  Alternatively, it's probably
  not *TOO* hard to get that 501c status...  At which point, any of us
  who also have that "too much income" problem (not currently including
  myself) can get a deduction when we contribute to our favorite LUG (and
  if it's deductible, media might donate that "free advertising" more
  readily).    - S.

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