[NBLUG/talk] I'm on the war path now!

Dean A. Roman droman at romansys.com
Mon May 30 17:18:06 PDT 2005

   There are a lot of options out there as far as linux distro's go.  My
   first choice is always Debian, just because it's pretty rock solid and
   I've been using it for many years now.  You can check some of these out
   and download the CD's (iso's) from http://www.linuxiso.org/.
  Still, I've chosen to be certified in RedHat because a LOT of the
  commercial enterprises using linux are using RedHat.  If your coming
  from a microsoft environement and are not too familiar with linux
  perhaps the easiest distribution to get up and running and be
  productive, in my opinion, is RedHat.  RedHat comes in different
  flavours, Enterprise edition and no pay, opensource edition called
  Fedora.  (The enterprise edition is ultimately built from the opensource
  edition, but with some additions and a longer release cycle).
  Now to the Office applications.  I've used a couple.  The most commonly
  used seems to be OpenOffice(www.openoffice.org) or StarOffice. 
  OpenOffice is the opernsource version of Sun's StarOffice.  Most
  applications open and work without too many issues.  However, if you use
  a lot of formulas, cell calculations, etc. in Excel, then it won't work
  flawlessly between the two.  Some of the other issues usally involve
  font conversion between apps like powerpoint and word, but for most
  things these work pretty well.

There's my $0.02...I hope it helped.


Dean A. Roman
Roman Computer Systems
E-mail: droman at romansys.com

> Edward
> I'm on the war path now!
> I have absolutely had it with Microcrap! Their pathetic, virus laden
> excuse  for an OS has made a nightmare out of my life for the last
> time! It has  been depressing carrying on an endless bullfight with a
> completely crashed  "OS" when I have a life I need to be living.
> I'm switching Linux. I want to have the top three suggestions for the
> best  versions of Linux from this group. I am sick and tired of the
> totally  unscrupulous stranglehold that these greedy saboteurs have had
> on my pocket  book for years.
> I still have one other PC workstation that disgracefully I have to keep
> a  repulsive Microempire "OS" on BUT I want ALL of the available
> alternative  applications to Microsloth's "programs." I don't ever want
> to use Word, or  Excel, PP, or their ridiculous layout design
> "Publisher" or ANYTHING else  of theirs again.
> I have heard that there is a version of OpneOffice that I can use in an
> Ms  environment. My plan is to have one workstation have exclusively
> Linux on  it. And one other workstation have an Ms OS but with NO Ms
> applications on  it whatsoever.
> Please advise, thank you,
> Edward Mendoza
> roble at sonic.net
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