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I also recommend Sonic.  Great company.  You can do SBC, but Sonic resells 
SBC service.  All the features (and more) with much less headache.  Consider 
using IP cop as well.  It can do a lot of what you ask along with being a 
firewall you can configure for access as you see fit.  I do also agree that 
a ready made product like the D-Link DI-804HV is a cheap and simpler way to 
do it.


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> On Friday 06 January 2006 12:21 pm, Troy Arnold wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 12:07:43PM -0800, A'fish'ionado wrote:
>> > My family is considering signing up for the cheap SBC Yahoo DSL
>> > service. A Google search revealed a success story using the service
>> > with Linux (apparently you need some Windows-only software to set up
>> > the account, but not to connect once the account is set up).
>> I think you should look into http://www.sonic.net/sales/dsl and see if 
>> they
>> have anything competitive.  If the price is at all close I highly 
>> recommend
>> using Sonic.  You'll gain reliabilty, extra services (shell accounts, 
>> VPN,
>> usenet, etc.), good support and you'll be supporting an ethical local
>> company.
> I highly recommend this choice.  Additionally you get a static IP address 
> with
> Sonic.  It is worth the $.
> I have done what you have described for many years, ever since DSL became
> available in SR.  The one source I go back to over and over again is David
> Ranch's Trinity OS.
> http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~dranch/
> Pay special attention to the links to Trinity OS and IP Masquerading HOWTO
> down on the page.  This is where I cut my teeth.
> Have Fun!
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