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Nat W. calvin166 at pseudoweb.net
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I don’t know if this will work, but couldn’t you ssh into the box and then
use a text based mail reader?

-Nat W. 

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(One more thing I'd like to figure out while I'm trying to figure out 
everything that's suddenly piled up on me...)

During the coming semester, I expect to be spending a lot of time away from
home computer, so I'd like to find a way to access it remotely.  In 
particular, I'm interested in remotely accessing my SBC e-mail (SBC's 
web-based e-mail access doesn't play well with POP mail clients).

My current setup is:
* My primary computer, running Debian/Etch.
* Several other desktop computers I don't care about for this project.
* A LinkSys router/firewall that connects my LAN to the Internet.
* A MacBook Pro (don't ask), due to arrive some time next month.

My idea for remotely accessing my e-mail consists of:
1. Set up fetchmail so that my SBC mail is "fetched" to a local mailbox.
2. Set up a secure IMAP server to provide access to fetched mail.
3. Enable port forwarding on the router, so I can access the IMAPS server
the Internet.  Maybe also enable port forwarding for SSH while I'm at it.
4. Set up DynDNS, so I don't have to keep track of my IP address manually.
5. (Optional) Configure eGroupware to access that same IMAPS service.

If this all works, I could then use the Mail application on my laptop to 
access my e-mail no matter where I am.  And in case I find myself stranded 
without my laptop but with access to a public terminal (e.g. a library 
computer), I could use eGroupware (currently installed but not configured)
the primary computer to access my e-mail via a web browser.  Furthermore, I 
could SSH from my laptop into the desktop computer at any time and from 

What would be the EASIEST* way to do all of this that doesn't compromise on 

* Why is easy so important?  Because I'm signed up for 19 units at SSU!

Lincoln Peters
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